Office Investments & Workspace Forum
6 April 2023 | Sofia Event Center

arch. Denitsa Drumeva

Senior architect and team leader, IPA

From 2011 till now she is part of the team of Ivo Petrov architects. She works on various and significant projects, such as "Green Apple", "Amaya Residence", "Behr-Hella Thermocontrol (BHTC)", etc. She graduated from the Department of Residential Buildings at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy and has an affinity for the design of such. Thanks to her enthusiastic nature she manages to discover the charm and challenge of any project that she engages in. Believes in the claim that architecture is more art than science and puts creative thinking into every project. She is ambitious to succeed and continues to improve in the profession. As a team leader, her focus is on motivating people in the team and helping them develop.
"I want to be able to make colleagues love architecture the way I do."